You are What You Eat

July 27, 2011

Not my nocho

These aren't my nachos. I ate them all before I could get a picture.

I once heard Dr. Oz say that it doesn’t matter what you eat, as long as you are making it (from scratch) yourself. His reasoning is that the unhealthy things we so love are not the easiest to make, therefore, you will make them less often and eat them less often.

Today I had a craving for Nachos (after reading this Blog where the author says she likes nachos… yah, that’s all it takes for me folks, what can I say… I’m easily persuaded). Due to a lack of self-control on my part, we don’t keep junk food in the house. We did, however have some small tortillas shells, ground beef, and shredded cheese.

At the advice of Dr. Oz, I decided to make my own nacho chips. I cut the tortillas into cute little chip shapes and fried them up, browned the chopped meat, and put them all together in a glorious nacho stack.

After devouring my salty, crunchy, pile of messy chips I must say I don’t like Dr. Oz. Who does he think he is telling me I can eat whatever I want? My stomach sorely disagrees. It isn’t used to anything deep fried and it doesn’t like me much right now. But then again… that was probably Dr. Oz’s evil plan to begin with.


Stubborn Stains

July 26, 2011

When we moved into our house, we inherited a certain collection of stubborn stains. Two of my greatest challenges have been our cooktop and toilets. Now, mind you, I am no professional cleaner. I am hardly an amateur. Growing up, we always had someone else do the heavy cleaning in our house. I’m really good at what I like to call “fake it till you make it” or (otherwise known as) “oh, crap, we have guests coming over in an hour and the house looks like a tornado just ran through it” cleaning. It is nothing new, I’ve been doing that since I was a child when I had to “clean” my room. Good thing they never checked the closet or under the bed. (Or, if they did, they didn’t care about what was hidden.)

As my husband so kindly pointed out to me early in our marital relationship… that’s not really cleaning. I’ve gotten better. I still stash away piles right before guests come over, but there are fewer and fewer piles around. Perhaps some day I will eliminate them altogether. (Wishful thinking?)

Back to my inherited stains though. Our cooktop came with nice burnt on grease stains and our toilets with hard water drips and rings.


We’ve been living in our house since January, so for seven months I’ve been working with these stains. The toilets have been the worst. I don’t know about you, but when I go to use a toilet and see a brown ring staring back at me, I kind of want to vomit.

EarthStone Bathstone

So scrubbing these stains has not been fun, to say the least. I have tried just about every toilet bowl cleaner out there. I tried different kinds of toilet brushes. Nothing seemed to work. Until today, that is.

That is when I came across EarthStone Bathstone. In less than 15 minutes my nightmare stains were gone from all of my toilets. That is a good feeling. Yes, I had to stick my hand in the toilet (something I had been avoiding for quite some time), but after seven months of wand cleaning, I gave in. I’m glad I did, this thing took those stains quickly away. Had I known, I would have stuck my hand (with gloves, of course) in there long ago.


While I have been working on getting those toilets clean for seven months, I’ve kind of ignored the cooktop. The stains bothered me, but I just wipe it down normally and hadn’t really tried scrubbing them off until yesterday. But boy did I try. I tried heavy chemicals. I tried baking soda and vinegar. I tried scrapping away the stains with a plastic scrapper. Today, I was at the store and I came across a product called Easy-Off Cooktop Cleaner. I thought, “how perfect?! I need a clean cooktop, and I like easy.” It claims to be “Unbeatable on Tough Grease,” but as it turns out, the tough grease I have is unbeatable. This product did nothing for me. It didn’t even put a dent in that stain. I’m still on a search for a solution. If anyone out there has it, let me know.

Until then, I will have to deal with it like I have been for months now. It’s not the end of the world, but it would be nice to be rid of the stains forever. Too bad you can’t shove grease stains into a closet and pretend they don’t exist.

Life with a toddler is full of surprises. Even the most innocent, well meaning child can make a big ol’ mess. This is what we are dealing with in our house.

Life with Louie: Louie Helps Out

Life with Louie: Louie Helps Out

Being a MomSomewhere along the path of life, my style preference has changed from Banana Republic to Eddie Bauer. How did this happen? It really should not have come as a surprise to me. When I was a little girl I used to go through magazines and catalogues and pick out my future family. I always seemed to find “my family” in the Lands End catalogue. Perhaps I was always partial to the rugged outdoorsy look and have been living a lie all these years in cashmere tops and heels.

Everyone says that becoming a parent changes everything. Before I was a parent, I didn’t understand what they meant. I don’t think you can understand it until you experience it. Yes, you expect the sleepless nights and the poopy diapers, but there are so many more personal transformations that take place.

Here are 10 examples (in no special order) of how motherhood has changed me:

1. Going to bed at 10:00 (or before) no longer seems lame. (Okay, who am I kidding… now I just have an excuse to do it, I never thought it was lame.)
2. I think my body went through a permanent transformation during pregnancy. None of my clothes seem to fit anymore. Sure, I have yet to lose that extra 5 pounds of baby weight (yeah, it’s defiantly from being pregnant a year and a half ago and NOT from eating all those baked goods and lack of exercise), but does 5 pounds really make that much of a difference?  It has created a sort of identity crisis for me. I walk into a store and I don’t even know what size I wear anymore.
3. I feel extraordinarily sad for people who can’t have children and even for those who think they don’t want them. I know, it’s a personal choice and parenthood isn’t for everyone, but I still wish everyone the kind of happiness it has brought to me. And, if there was a small piece of me who was pro-choice before (and there was), it is gone.
4. I see no point in spending a lot of money on clothes during my childbearing years when my body is just going to keep changing. If I do go shopping I only buy the staples of any wardrobe, like jeans and cotton t’s with an occasional sweater here and there. And I now have the annoying habit of looking at a shirt and thinking, “Oh, that’s cute, and it would still fit for a while if I happen to become pregnant again.”
5. My feet are a half size larger than they used to be. That better not happen with every pregnancy. They are already big enough.
6. Since I never really had a chest, I wanted one. Now that I have one, I want it to go away. Give me back my B’s.
7. When I was little I always wanted a boy and twin girls (That was the “family” I always made, as stated above. Their names were Michael, Annabelle, and Abigail.) Now the thought of having multiples scares the crap out of me. One newborn is a lot to look after. I know you adapt, but… still scary.
8. I used to schedule my life around television. Now I rarely watch it.
9. I was a worrywart before, but now I have PMS (my brother coined that phrase when we were young telling my mom she was suffering from Paranoid Mother Syndrome). And now, I am extra cautious around people I don’t know thanks to Diane Sawyer’s interview with Jaycee Dugard. Thanks for the nightmares. I needed those.
10. I used to embrace the glorious differences in people, but now when I see a man dressed in heels, a fur coat, and a cowboy hat I think, “Get away from my child, Freak!”

What unexpected changes did you see in yourself upon entering parenthood?

Bringing Home the Bacon

July 17, 2011

ShoppingIf there is one thing I am terrible at, it is grocery shopping. Maybe it isn’t so much that I am bad at it as much as it is that I despise it. I am always surprised when I leave the store, able to walk out in full health. If I don’t have an anxiety induced meltdown from the over-crowded store, or a fit of rage from the person who mindlessly leaves their cart in the middle of the aisle while taking up the rest of the walking space blankly staring at the wall of food in hope that whatever it is they are forgetting will magically pop off the shelf and into their hands, then I am sure to have a mild heart attack as I watch fruit and vegetables quickly adding up to some obscene amount of money. Need I say more?

Sure, maybe I have some undiagnosed anxiety disorder and/or struggle with rage from time to time… but that’s beside the point. Grocery shopping is not fun. That is why I LOVE Amazon Fresh. I may not be able to avoid the overpriced vegetables that seem to be the norm on the Eastside of Seattle, but I don’t have to deal with the people who get in my way AND I don’t have to leave the house. Today, I did my shopping at a regular store, which inspired this post. Sorry Amazon, I won’t cheat on you again. It meant nothing to me, I swear. Please take me back!

I know that some people look forward to going to the grocery store so they CAN get out  of the house, but I can think of plenty of other places I would rather go during the day. With Amazon Fresh, I can do my “shopping” from the comfort of my own couch, not have to deal with any type of public toddler meltdowns that may or may not occur from time to time, and spend my day time doing something much more fun, like playing outside. Oh, and did I mention that I can place my order at 10:00 at night, and my groceries will be on my doorstep when I wake up in the morning?

Normally I wouldn’t do all this free advertising. I’ve never been one to walk around wearing shirts that have the name of the store plastered across the chest. I strongly believe if someone wants me to do their advertising, they should be paying me, not vise versa. But, I also believe in recognizing revolutionary thinking, and that is what Amazon has done. They have changed the way grocery shopping is done, and I love them for it.

I’ve been using Amazon Fresh for a couple months now. My only complaint is that some of the items I am looking for are not always available and their meat choices are overpriced and not that great of a variety. Other than that, I love it. You can set up shopping lists, easily compare prices, choose to purchase local produce, and delivery is free on any order over $30.

As of right now, I think they are only operating in the Seattle area, so if you live elsewhere, I’m sorry you still have to go to the store.

I swear I did not recieve any sort of compensation for this post (though I wouldn’t be opposed to finding a check in the mail either, Amazon… if you’re listening…),  I just really hate going to the grocery store. And after all, why should you have to bring home the bacon, when it can just show up at your doorstep? (All rights reserved for that one too, Amazon… if you want to use it in a commercial, we can talk… you know how to reach me.)


Imagine was found at Million Dollar Mompeneur

I took this cartoon from Million Dollar Mompenuer, which is another good blog. Check it out.

I kept confusing my inner-dialogue with an obsession/addiction to social media. I am constantly thinking in (what I thought was) terms of status updates. I am now thinking it is not the evil power of addiction trying to lure me into corruption, but rather a calling. A calling to record my thoughts and share them with the world. A calling to blog. This blog started off as an experiment, working with food, to become a better cook so I could feed my family properly. The times are a changin’ folks! Evolution is knocking on my virtual door and calling my name. Time to change it up.

It isn’t that I think my life is so interesting that I must share it with everyone. It really isn’t that interesting. But rather, I feel that my thoughts must be put down “on paper.” And really, what’s the purpose of writing them if no one is going to read it. So I now invite you to become mind readers and read my thoughts. Don’t like what you read? Oh well. Can’t win them all. Like what you read? Share it.

Bona Fide Bites used to mean “real food from real ingredients;” the inspiration to start blogging in the first place. I may write about food from time to time still. You are what you eat, after all. But, life is made up of so much more than meals. Laughter. Annoyance. Inspiration. All things I think about on a daily basis. So welcome to the new Bona Fide Bites, real ingredients for real life.

My child still refuses to call me Mama, Mommy, Mom, or anything of the sort. I was going to write about what happened earlier, but I thought it was better described in illustration. Bare with me here, I’m a computer illustrating virgin. I don’t know what I’m doing. Anyway this is the way it played out.

Life with Louie: Say Mama

Life with Louie: Say Mama!

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