A New Garden

July 4, 2011

One can draw many similarities between a garden and life and its relationships. It is easy to let things get out of control and overgrown. If you don’t pay attention to what you plant, it will never flourish into the amazing life it could be. Stop caring altogether and it is sure to come to a rapid end. Fortunately, the similarities between gardens and life stop at mere metaphor. I am not good at keeping plants alive. I’ll be the first to admit I neglect them. Despite the overwhelming odds against me, I started a garden today.

Now, I may have grown up in small-town Ohio, but I am about the farthest one can be from being a country bumpkin. I had to take several breaks from pulling weeds because there were bugs in the dirt; I didn’t get very close to a pot because there was a slug on it; and when asked if what I saw was a termite, I made reference to the Berenstain Bears. It’s true though, all I know of termites I learned from them. They did not like those pesky bugs eating their treehouse.

Not only am I terrified of bugs, but all together I am not a fan of nature. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being in nature, surrounded by trees, mountains, water, and the like. It is very peaceful and inspires great thoughts. What I am not a fan of is the rest of it; the bugs, birds, fish, various animals that may or may not attack me and give me some horrible disease. If I could be outdoors without all of that, it would be fantastic. In fact, that is what I picture heaven to be; peaceful outdoors without the mosquito bites.

I have come to the conclusion that gardening is much like exercise. I have a really hard time finding the motivation to do it. I will procrastinate until I can not procrastinate anymore to get it started. But, then once I am actually out doing it, it feels really good.

It is very satisfying to work with your hands. I think that is what I was missing when I was working fulltime. I love to use my hands to create things and you just don’t get to do that when you are on a computer all day long. So I used my hands today. I pulled those weeds and have readied the garden for new life.

In addition to planting vegetables we often eat like eggplant, zucchini, tomatoes, and sweet peas we are also planting pumpkins and a nice little herb garden. Given my track record with plants, I will need nothing short of a miracle to keep these alive. Since we live in Seattle, I am counting on a lot of assistance from the Big Guy upstairs. At least I know the plants will get plenty of water. I have a feeling that many of my thoughts will be aimed toward St. Fiacre for the next few months. Wish me luck.


5 Responses to “A New Garden”

  1. Mom Says:

    Good Luck!!!! I just had to look up St. Fiacre as I didn’t know of him – wonder why that would be? – and found out he is also patron saint of cab drivers!!! So – if the garden doesn’t work, take a cab downtown to the market and buy the fresh stuff!!!

  2. AJ Says:

    Best of luck, I bet you will do great with the garden since it provides sustenance for your family, as where a houseplant doesn’t provide such obvious benefits and could therefore be overlooked!

  3. Jennifer L. Zeller Says:

    :-) Always look forward to your blogs and Buddha-esque life thoughts, haha! Keep up the great work. hope we have a chance to visit sometime and enjoy these home-grown fresh ingredients with you & Lou’s fine home-style italian cooking.

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