Testing Limits

July 6, 2011

I don’t know what I am more amazed with, the amount of information my 17-month-old son comprehends or the means by which he tests all limits. Today was a deep clean day in my house. I was simultaneously scrubbing the bathroom floor while trying to keep him out of the way. Before I began, I told him he was not to go into the cupboards. He had just watched me clean them and decided he wanted to help too. I gave him a dry paper towel and he went to town “cleaning” the cupboard doors. I took a break from scrubbing to look up and check on him and there he was opening the cupboard door. I asked him what he was doing and he immediately starts “cleaning” the inside of the cupboard door. It took much constraint not to burst into laughter.

It reminded me of when I was little. One summer day, my brother and I tagged along with my dad on a business meeting. He owned a catering company and was meeting a client to discuss an upcoming party. This client happened to have a pool. We were told, very clearly, that we were to stay outside and we were not to go into the pool. After wandering the grounds for a bit we came to the pool. We decided (as a team) that if we were to just dip our toes in the water, it wouldn’t really be getting in the pool. Then it turned into our feet. Then, our legs. Before we knew it, there we were, fully submerged and fully dressed.

I don’t remember what consequence we paid for that one. I’m sure there was one. All I remember is the laughter and fun we had testing our limits. I imagine it is no different for my son. I just wasn’t aware that a 17-month-old was capable to thinking that way and then to nonchalantly act as though his intention was only to clean the inside of the cupboard too. Oy vey! I have a feeling I have a long road ahead of me!


2 Responses to “Testing Limits”

  1. Mom Says:

    I never heard of that story before, but kids test parents every single second of their lives – at times you (all of you Lawson children) still do today! And many times it is almost impossible to not laugh! Guess that is what family is all about!!! Love and kisses, Mom

    • Mom Says:

      Rob remembers the story too! He said the guy had to go into his house and get some of his kids’ clothes for you. Dad gave you the silent treatment all the way home from Napoleon. Luckily for you, Dad was with a client so he couldn’t say what he really wanted to, and by the time he was in the car and thinking about it, he was probably just trying not to laugh!

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