Bringing Home the Bacon

July 17, 2011

ShoppingIf there is one thing I am terrible at, it is grocery shopping. Maybe it isn’t so much that I am bad at it as much as it is that I despise it. I am always surprised when I leave the store, able to walk out in full health. If I don’t have an anxiety induced meltdown from the over-crowded store, or a fit of rage from the person who mindlessly leaves their cart in the middle of the aisle while taking up the rest of the walking space blankly staring at the wall of food in hope that whatever it is they are forgetting will magically pop off the shelf and into their hands, then I am sure to have a mild heart attack as I watch fruit and vegetables quickly adding up to some obscene amount of money. Need I say more?

Sure, maybe I have some undiagnosed anxiety disorder and/or struggle with rage from time to time… but that’s beside the point. Grocery shopping is not fun. That is why I LOVE Amazon Fresh. I may not be able to avoid the overpriced vegetables that seem to be the norm on the Eastside of Seattle, but I don’t have to deal with the people who get in my way AND I don’t have to leave the house. Today, I did my shopping at a regular store, which inspired this post. Sorry Amazon, I won’t cheat on you again. It meant nothing to me, I swear. Please take me back!

I know that some people look forward to going to the grocery store so they CAN get out  of the house, but I can think of plenty of other places I would rather go during the day. With Amazon Fresh, I can do my “shopping” from the comfort of my own couch, not have to deal with any type of public toddler meltdowns that may or may not occur from time to time, and spend my day time doing something much more fun, like playing outside. Oh, and did I mention that I can place my order at 10:00 at night, and my groceries will be on my doorstep when I wake up in the morning?

Normally I wouldn’t do all this free advertising. I’ve never been one to walk around wearing shirts that have the name of the store plastered across the chest. I strongly believe if someone wants me to do their advertising, they should be paying me, not vise versa. But, I also believe in recognizing revolutionary thinking, and that is what Amazon has done. They have changed the way grocery shopping is done, and I love them for it.

I’ve been using Amazon Fresh for a couple months now. My only complaint is that some of the items I am looking for are not always available and their meat choices are overpriced and not that great of a variety. Other than that, I love it. You can set up shopping lists, easily compare prices, choose to purchase local produce, and delivery is free on any order over $30.

As of right now, I think they are only operating in the Seattle area, so if you live elsewhere, I’m sorry you still have to go to the store.

I swear I did not recieve any sort of compensation for this post (though I wouldn’t be opposed to finding a check in the mail either, Amazon… if you’re listening…),  I just really hate going to the grocery store. And after all, why should you have to bring home the bacon, when it can just show up at your doorstep? (All rights reserved for that one too, Amazon… if you want to use it in a commercial, we can talk… you know how to reach me.)


Imagine was found at Million Dollar Mompeneur

I took this cartoon from Million Dollar Mompenuer, which is another good blog. Check it out.


6 Responses to “Bringing Home the Bacon”

  1. Audrey Says:

    You are so lucky to live where Amazon Fresh delivers! We live way to far out in the country :( By the way, its nice to read someone else’s blog from Washington! You must live close to me if you are talking about the eastside!

    • EmilyM Says:

      Thanks for reading, Audrey! We are out in the “boonies” of Snoqualmie, so I’m surprised they deliver out here, but I’m glad they do!!

  2. Audrey Says:

    Ah you aren’t that far :) We are just outside of Monroe!

  3. AJ Says:

    It is a pretty amazing concept! Just so the little one doesn’t grow up thinking food just magically appears on his door step! haha…I’m very lucky my other half enjoys grocery shopping! We get most of our groceries from this little Asian market and I don’t mind going there, it’s very stress free and very affordable.

    • EmilyM Says:

      I never gave that a thought (the kid thinking food magically appears on the doorstep)…. haha he probably does! Maybe when he gets older I will include him in the process of “shopping”.

  4. AJ Says:

    Oh and that cartoon is hilarious!

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