What the Fondant Happened?!

November 15, 2011

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve been enamored with tea parties. Perhaps it is because (my American Girl doll) Samantha was notorious for attending them in her books. In one book, Samantha and her friends enjoy petit fours at a party. From the moment I read that, I have had a slight obsession with the small, bite-sized cakes.

Today was my first attempt at making the scrumptious little treats. It all started well. I had read through several different recipes and blogs about petit fours and even found a couple step-by-step instructional sites. I was confident I could pull it off.

I found a great recipe for a simple white cake. After I gathered all the ingredients, I started my adventure with certainty and determination.

Cake ingredients

The cake turned out beautifully. I kept thinking to myself, “I may just be able to pull this off!”

I cut the cake in half, created a raspberry filling with warmed preserves, and layered with with the cake.

Layering Cake Layered Cake

As I proudly looked at my little layers, I began to panic. There was something missing. I had looked at so many different recipes; some of them had buttercream layers, some had fruit layers. What I had missed was that the recipes with fruit layers had a layer of marzipan on the top. (Insert panic: Marzipan?!)

I didn’t have marzipan. What I did have was almond paste. So, I did what any reasonable person does… I Googled it. As it turns out, marzipan is a type of almond paste. All marzipan is almond paste, but not all almond paste is marzipan.

I took a chance. I’ve never used almond paste (or marzipan) before. I opened the can to see what I was working with.

Almond Paste- Straight from can

Rolling out Almond Paste

It rolled out fairly easy and fit the top of my cake almost perfectly. I thought the baking gods were watching over me and were granting me a stupidity pass.

Fully Layered Cake

Then the trouble begins. Perhaps it was my presumptuous attitude that caused those very same baking gods to turn their backs on me. It was time to make the poured fondant frosting. I followed the directions to a T.

Making of Fondant

I’m not sure what went wrong, but something did. The fondant was much too thin. As I poured it over my adorable little cakes, it merely ran right off of them and onto the parchment paper below. What a disaster.

Disaster Petit Fours

I’ll know better next time not to let my ego get ahead of me. Nothing good ever comes out of it. I guess you could say it was “the icing on the cake”.


2 Responses to “What the Fondant Happened?!”

  1. AJ Says:

    You get an “A” for effort!!! I’ve never tried to make pourable fondant before! It looks easier than regular fondant…but from your experience, maybe not. Are you sure your candy thermometer is working?!

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