A Baby Shower

February 12, 2012

I threw my first baby shower today. Have you seen Bump Smitten? It is an amazing resource for baby shower ideas. While perusing the site one day, I fell in love with a design of yellow and grey elephants.

Just to let you know how amazing the site is, they have PDF downloads of the entire shower for FREE!

As a thank you to Bump Smitten for being so fabulous, I am posting photos of their documents in action. I didn’t take photos of the invitations, but they were adorable.

Included in the downloads is a template for invitations, games, and decorations. Each is customizable by adding text to the PDF.

I wish I would have taken more pictures of the actual printouts, but you can see the full documents on Bump Smitten’s site.

As you can see, this was simply a post to tell you how much I love that site. You should go to it if you are planning a shower anytime soon.

As you can see from the photos, I served chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, chocolate chip cookies, and lemon bars. The recipes are linked if you are interested.





3 Responses to “A Baby Shower”

  1. justanotherbaby Says:

    Did you host this baby shower for yourself, or for someone else? I’m wondering because I don’t have a close friend where I live who could host my shower, and I’m trying to debate whether to host one myself or just not have one. Etiquette says no to hosting your own shower…

    • EmilyM Says:

      I hosted it for a friend. I’m no etiquette expert, but I’d say you probably shouldn’t host one for yourself. Maybe just hint around to some of the people you would invite to a shower that you wish you could have one.

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