If I were brave enough to take a picture of the nest, I would, but I'm not. So, enjoy someone else's picture

My new security system is as simple as a robin’s nest, nestled into the arborvitae outside my fence. The birds keep a careful watch, perched on the fence at all times, ready for attack. No one gets in or out without a cry for backup. If you come through my gate, you better be prepared for a bird dive.

If you know me, you probably know my fear of birds. I do not hide it well. In fact, I have a very real fear of anything that flaps and/or pecks. It’s not the birds, themselves, that I am scared of, but rather, their wings and beaks. I like looking at the little guys, I just don’t want them flying around my head and pecking my eyes out.

These particular robins chose the bush right outside of my gate to nest in. For me, the annoying part of this is that I can’t take the garbage out without being yelled and swooped at by birds. For my neighbors, their front porch has become a birdie toilet. I’m not sure which is worse.

Because little baby birds are involved, I feel out of control of the situation. I can’t blame the little creatures for wanting to protect their innocent eggs. I get it. Animals, including humans, will go through great lengths to protect their offspring. I hope these birds are strong, though. They nested next to my compost bin, which means their competition will be the friendly neighborhood bears.

As for now, I know when something is not quite right in the yard by the cry for help coming out of their little beaks. You hear that, bears? And you too,¬†burglars… I’ve got my bird’s eye on you!

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